FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated - March 21, 2023

  • What is Keyframes Studio?

    Keyframes Studio is an online video editor platform. It focuses on creating videos for mobile screens and social media platforms, but you can use it for any video editing.

  • Is Keyframes Studio free?

    Keyframes Studio offers both a free and a paid plan. You can play around in the editor as much as you want and export with a watermark with the free tier.

  • Can I have a feature request?

    Feature requests are more than welcome. If you are missing something feel free to reach out to hello@keyframes.studio.

  • Are the included sounds and images copyrighted?

    The integrated GIFS, images, videos and most sounds are copyright-free. There are some trending sounds scraped from TikTok. You can use those on TikTok without worrying about copyrights, but be cautious when posting to other platforms. As always, respect the site's respective copyright agreements.

  • What languages are supported for auto-subtitling?

    Currently the following languages are supported: english, german, spanish, french, italian, portuguese, dutch, norwegian, danish, finnish, russian, hungarian, filipino, slovak. We are continously adding to the list, so if you want to see a language reach out to hello@keyframes.studio .