Create TikTok videos of your screen

Showcase your product, record a tutorial, promote your content with our easy-to-use video recorder and editor.

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Keyframes Studio is an online
video editor

Create videos in the right resolution and format for TikTok.


Provide some media

You can either use some prerecorded footage, or record your screen and camera using our tools


Add and manage keyframes

Control the camera movement to tell your story clearly and beautifully.


Export your video

Choose your preferred resolution and download your video - ready to be uploaded to TikTok.

Create engaging content

Tl;dr: show your face

Record and display yourself to build trust and make the content more interesting. We are social creatures - use this to your advantage.
With Keyframes Studio you can record yourself while recording your screen to create more engaging content.
Choose between a rectangular and a circular layout.

Leverage TikTok to grow your business

Level up your game

If you have not taken TikTok seriously so far - you should now. TikTok marketing has the highest turnover and social media engagement rates per post.

More and more people are going for quick searches and tutorials to TikTok instead of google. You have to make sure your brand has a strong healthy presence.
If you are...
...a blog owner
turn your articles into videos.
...selling software
create videos demonstrating its features.
...a streamer
create quick fun videos of your recordings. excel guru
create tutorial videos.
...a coder
create recordings of some quick programming tips.

Not just for TikTok

We support your favorite social media

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