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Keyframes Studio is an all-in-one platform for creating, editing and repurposing beautiful videos for all social media platforms.
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Repurpose your content with Artificial Intelligence

Create powerful, engaging content with two clicks.
Keyframes Studio will automatically create keyframes and catchy subtitles!

Horizontal vs. Vertical

Fit your content perfectly

Displaying horizontal videos on mobile screens is painful - at least it used to be. You want to fill the screen as much as possible but also tell your story clearly.

Keyframes Studio helps you in creating beautiful videos that are enjoyable on all screens.

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Let AI do the heavy lifting

We will process your video and highlight the most important parts.
Check out how easy it is!

One platform with all the solutions

We have everything you need from getting started to posting your video.

Features 03
Resourceful, but intuitive

Easy-to-use editor

Simplicity is the main focus while also providing all the best practices for video editing.

  • No previous editing experience needed
  • Resize, trim, crop, cut, zoom, move and more
  • Live preview
Features 02
Leave the tedious work to robots

Create subtitles automatically

Videos with subtitles perform better - this is a fact. With Keyframes Studio generating them is as simple as clicking a button.

  • Subtitle generation in minutes
  • 12 supported languages
  • Highlight words karaoke-style
Features 01
To spice things up

Images, GIFs, Viral sounds

Make your videos pop with some extra elements. Keyframes Studio integrates sound and image libraries to help you with this.

  • Stock images and videos
  • Curated list of sounds
  • Search for any keyword
Features 02
The more the merrier

Effortless collaboration

Invite your team to your workspace to share your videos and work together.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Save your work and continue later
  • Use the brand kit

Easy as One-Two-Three

The intuitive interfaces ensure a smooth and quick editing experience.
It's as simple as follows:

1. Provide some media

Upload your own, or record your screen and camera.

2. Set Keyframes

Control the camera movement to tell your story clearly and beautifully.

3. Export

Download your video or post it directly to social media.

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No matter if you are promoting your brand or just creating content for the heck of it - we got you covered.

For you

Create quality videos that reach your target audience

Features 02
Who is Keyframes Studio for?

. For content creators

Boost your engagement and efficiency by using Keyframes Studio. Be it podcasts, vlogs of your trips or random gameplays - you can count on Keyframes Studio.

. For digital agencies

Digital marketers, social media agencies are more in demand then ever. Keyframes Studio offers brand-kit features to make life even easier.

. For You.

There are a million reasons to create videos. Whether it is for fun or for work, hop into our editor to get a feel of it.

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